Make a difference today! 

Early enrollment into the Monarch CCAA provides a number of immediate benefits. Your conservation commitments will:

  • Provide much needed habitat to the monarch butterfly
  • Help inform the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s listing decision for the monarch butterfly
  • Provide immediate regulatory certainty to your organization and avoid potential gaps in regulatory coverage in the event of a monarch listing
  • Qualify your organization for reduced administrative fees for the first 3 years of participation in the CCAA
  • Demonstrate your organization’s leadership in monarch conservation
  • Build momentum across the industry for habitat conservation on energy and transportation lands
  • Ensure the success of this unique, cross-sector partnership

Our short-term target of enrolling 465,000 habitat acres into the CCAA by May 31, 2020 represents about 30% of the total milkweed stems needed across the energy and transportation sectors as identified in the paper, Restoring monarch butterfly habitat in the Midwestern US: ‘all hands on deck’ (Thogmartin et al. 2017). This is a meaningful contribution to support monarch butterflies, especially amidst the immediate need for habitat on the ground.

For more information about preparing your application and implementing the CCAA at your organization, log in and navigate to the Monarch CCAA Toolkit under Working Group Access. Have questions? Contact us below.




White Paper: Early Enrollment Targets for the Nationwide Monarch Conservation Agreement on Energy and Transportation Lands

Restoring monarch butterfly habitat in the Midwestern US: ‘all hands on deck’