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The Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group at the University of Illinois-Chicago led a national, multi-sector collaborative effort to develop a voluntary conservation agreement to provide habitat for the monarch butterfly. More than 40 organizations from across the energy and transportation sectors worked together to develop a Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) that encourages landowners and land managers to adopt measures to create net conservation benefits for the monarch butterfly. The effort is unprecedented in terms of its cross-sector participation and geographic extent. The agreement spans the entire contiguous 48 states and is expected to encompass millions of acres of habitat.

Here’s why it is important right now.



  • Monarch butterfly populations need an “all hands on deck” approach to their conservation.
  • Lands managed for the nation’s energy and transportation infrastructure sustain a network of lands that have the ability to maintain great monarch habitats.
  • The conservation actions promoted under the CCAA, like changing the timing of vegetation management practices or targeted vegetation management, can contribute significantly to monarch butterfly conservation.
  • The unique public-private partnership creates a net benefit for both monarch conservation and business operational needs.
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Read the Monarch CCAA

The Nationwide Candidate Conservation Agreement or Monarch Butterfly on Energy and Transportation Lands was finalized on April 7, 2020. Read the full agreement HERE. Check out the latest partner enrollment HERE.


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For more information about implementing the CCAA at your organization, watch a tutorial on how to log in and navigate to the Monarch CCAA Toolkit under Working Group Access.


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