gROWing Chicago Habitat


a framework for habitat conservation in the Chicago area



gROWing Chicago Habitat realizes the recommendations of the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group’s 2021 Strategic Roadmap exercise: Expanding Pollinator Habitat on Utility and Transportation Rights-of-Way across the Chicago Region prepared by the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).  

The study denotes the following objectives:

  1. Establish a network for ROW organizations, public and private landowners, and conservation organizations in the Chicago area.
  2. Build a collaboration platform to share ROW projects, success stories, and collaborate on initiatives
  3. Create a prioritization strategy to focus habitat conservation efforts across Chicagoland ROWs



Quick References

gROWing Chicago Case Study

gROWing Chicago Network Map

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gROWing Chicago Overview

Strategic Roadmap

Prioritization Map & Associated Resources

ROW Prioritization Map

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