Monarch CCAA Webinars and Case Studies

Check out these recorded webinars and case studies about the Monarch CCAA

A New Bumble Bee Conservation Effort for Energy and Transportation Lands Takes Flight This webinar provides an update on the Monarch CCAA and outlines a newly envisioned companion conservation agreement for several at-risk bumble bee species.

USFWS Monarch Butterfly Listing Decision Lori Nordstrom from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service presents the monarch butterfly listing decision made on December 15, 2020.

The Monarch CCAA: Promoting Monarch Conservation on Energy and Transportation Lands Monarch Joint Venture hosted this webinar about the final Monarch CCAA agreement and opportunities for conservation partners to engage with and promote the CCAA. Tune in for discussions on the highlights of the agreement and a Q&A.

Nationwide Monarch CCAA Update: Enroll Now! This webinar serves as an overview of the final CCAA for the Monarch Butterfly on Energy and Transportation Lands, expected to be approved this month. It covers a brief history of the CCAA, the upcoming listing decision, implementation requirements, and more. PDF Slides

The Monarch CCAA: What You Need to Know and how to Enroll  Watch to learn more about this conservation opportunity and how your organization can participate.

The Contribution of Powerline Rights-of-Way to the Ecological Health of the Chicago Metropolitan Region This case study highlights a research study conducted by the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) on ComEd’s rights-of-way in the Chicago region. UIC researchers evaluated three different vegetation management practices for insect, bird, and plant species richness as well as adjacent landowner perceptions.

DOT Monarch CCAA Roundtable This video covers a general introduction to the Monarch CCAA for departments of transportation.

Case Study: Hoosier Energy’s Approach to Monarch CCAA Implementation In this case study, Dave Appel of Hoosier Energy discusses the organization’s journey with the Monarch CCAA, from pre-enrollment to future implementation plans. The presentation outlines the benefits of CCAA enrollment, experience with the application process, approaches to potential obstacles, and the outcome of their participation in the program.

Case Study: National Grid’s Monarch CCAA Monitoring Plan Learn about National Grid’s monitoring and conservation plan as a Monarch CCAA partner.

Case Study: NiSource’s Monarch CCAA Program Learn how Niscource’s program supports active biodiversity initiatives and subsequent enrollment in the CCAA.

Case Study: Kandiyohi County’s Monarch CCAA Program Learn how Kandiyohi County in Minnesota decided to enrol in the Monarch CCAA, making them the first county in the country to participate.

Case Study: Duke Energy’s Monarch CCAA Program Learn how Duke Energy’s program aligns with other stewardship and environmental compliance initiatives.

Case Study: Oklahoma DOT’s Approach to the Monarch CCAA Learn how Oklahoma DOT determined their enrolled lands and adopted acres for habitat management for the Monarch CCAA.

Case Study: Virginia Department of Transportation’s Approach to Enrolling in the Monarch CCAA Virginia DOT shares their story of enrolling in the Monarch CCAA

Case Study: VTrans’ Involvement in the Monarch CCAA. Learn how Vermont Agency of Transportation navigated the CCAA application process and is approaching implementation and monitoring.

Case Study: East Central Energy and the Monarch CCAA This presentation provides East Central Energy’s perspective on enrolling in the CCAA.

Case Study: Texas Department of Transportation and  the Monarch CCAA Learn how Texas Department of Transportation determined what lands to enroll in the CCAA and has approached selection of conservation measures and monitoring.

Case Study: Maine Department of Transportation and the Monarch CCAA Hear how Maine Department of Transportation evaluated their system to determine where monarch butterfly habitat occurs.

Case Study: Caltrans’ Enrolled Acres Estimate and GIS Model This case study by the California Department of Transportation demonstrates the estimation process of enrolled acreage for the CCAA by using a GIS model of parameters based on habitat establishment requirements.

Case Study: FirstEnergy and the Monarch Butterfly CCAA Hear how FirstEnergy is approaching the CCAA and its preparation for enrollment.

Case Study: Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Monarch CCAA Hear how the Minnesota DOT is approaching the CCAA and its preparation for enrollment.

Case Study: Delaware Department of Transportation’s Approach to the CCAA Hear how Delaware DOT has approached preparing to enroll in the CCAA, including their challenges and opportunities.

Case Study: Monarch CCAA Implementation at ATC Hear how ATC is planning on their implementing conservation measures and enrolling their system into the CCAA.

Case Study: Electric Cooperatives and the Monarch Butterfly CCAA This presentation provides an overview of how the CCAA applies to rural electric cooperatives and supports a number of current pollinator habitat initiatives.

Case Study: Pollinator Conservation and Monarch CCAA: A Company’s Perspective Hear how Evergy is evaluating their system of operations to find opportunities for pollinator habitat and preparing to enroll in the CCAA.

Case Study: ODOT Business Case for Enrolling in the CCAA Hear how Ohio DOT is finding opportunities for pollinator habitat across their system and preparing to enroll in the CCAA.

An Overview and Update on the Nationwide Monarch CCAA for Energy and Transportation Lands The Nationwide Monarch CCAA for Energy and Transportation Lands presents an unprecedented opportunity to facilitate conservation actions for monarchs across the nation. Through the current partnership of more than two dozen energy and transportation organizations, members of the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group are undertaking one of the largest scale CCAAs to date and under one of the fastest timelines pursued to develop this conservation agreement.

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