Draft Pollinator Habitat Scorecard

Pollinator Habitat Scorecard

The Pollinator Scorecard was developed by the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group (ROWHWG) to help energy and transportation rights-of-way (ROW) organizations and land managers evaluate pollinator habitat and management practices. The Pollinator Scorecard User’s Guide provides background information and protocols for using both components of the scorecard: (1) Pollinator Scorecard Management Module and (2) Pollinator Habitat Assessment Protocol (downloads available below). The Pollinator Scorecard aims to:

  • Provide a common language to talk about habitat on energy and transportation lands in order to facilitate industry learning and collaboration
  • Establish a consistent valuation method across ROW sectors that aligns with existing habitat assessments and reporting
  • Provide a flexible, multi-tiered approach that encourages improved monitoring overtime
  • Support shared reporting of habitat metrics across industries