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City staff buzzing about endangered bee discovery as boulevard preps for another season

(CBC) April 22, 2019

A partnership between the City of Calgary, loads of nature-loving students and select universities is blooming into something exciting. A so-called bee boulevard was created a couple of years ago on Canyon Meadows Drive, and this winter researchers identified an endangered pollinator frequenting the blooms. Read  More

How can the power industry help the monarch butterfly?

(EPRI  Journal) April 4, 2019

Study identified 10.7 million acres in transmission rights-of-way as potential monarch habitat—about 8.5% of the total needed for monarch restoration and a potentially meaningful contribution. Tim Lohner, PhD consulting environmental specialist at American Electric Power (AEP), estimated conservatively that utility conservation efforts on these land corridors could yield enough milkweed for more than 12 million monarchs, or about 5% of a fully recovered population. Read More

Delaware highway project leads to 43-acre bee-supporting meadow

(WHYY) April 09, 2019

When Route 301 was built, the Delaware Department of Transportation was required to offset some of the land it paved over with property left in a natural state. It spurred planting 250,000 tree saplings along the new 14-mile highway in Southern New Castle County but also gave birth to a 43-acre wildflower meadow. The first-of-its-kind offset project seeks to fulfill DelDOT’s environmental requirements while at the same time supporting bees, butterflies and other wildlife. Read More

ATC Awards Funds to Communities for Planting Projects

(T & D World) February 08, 2019

American Transmission Co. has awarded collectively $58,600 to 27 recipients across its service area to plant trees and low-growing vegetation through two programs – the Community Planting and Pollinator Planting programs. Now in its sixth year, ATC has given more than 200 community awards for these projects totaling nearly $360,000. Read More

Solar Farms Shine a Ray of Hope on Bees and Butterflies

(Scientific American) January 18, 2019

A trend of planting wildflowers on solar sites could maintain habitat for disappearing bees and butterflies.

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In bid to help bees, Xcel to require vegetation disclosure in solar RFPs

(Utility Dive) October 12, 2018

Xcel Energy Minnesota will be the first utility in the U.S. to require disclosure of what type of vegetation will be planted with solar sites in all its future request for proposals.

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Roadside Refuge: ODOT Works to Protect Ohio’s Pollinators

(Monarch Joint Venture) September 17, 2018

If you’ve driven along Ohio’s roadsides lately, you may have noticed something’s different.   Less of the roadside is being mowed, and milkweed and other native wildflowers are flourishing in those areas. 

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Rehabilitating Bee and Butterfly Populations by Allowing Them to Live at Solar Energy Facilities

(PV Buzz) August 21, 2018

By studying solar energy facilities with pollinator habitats on site, researchers hope to rehabilitate pollinator populations that play a crucial role in the national and global agricultural industries.

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Got Milkweed? Pollinator Week Is a Time to Shine for Co-op Preservation Efforts

(America’s Electric Cooperatives) June 18, 2018

Electric cooperatives with territories that overlap critical monarch breeding areas and migration routes are devoting land and labor to reverse the decline of monarch butterfly and other key pollinator species.

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UIC-led partnership aims to help create, preserve monarch habitat

(UIC Today) June 19, 2018

A new, multi-sector partnership coordinated by the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago is working together to develop a voluntary conservation agreement to aid the plight of the monarch butterfly. 

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Creating Pollinator Habitats Along Pipeline Rights-of-Way Helps the Bottomline

(North American Oil & Gas Pipelines) 

Millions of acres of pipeline right-of-way crisscross all types of ecosystems. Maintaining vegetation along this land is a constant challenge and takes time and operating budget.

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IDOT cut down on spring mowing to help Illinois pollinator population

(News Tribune) June 12, 2018
SPRINGFIELD — As concerns for declining pollinator species continue to buzz throughout the country, Illinois Department of Transportation is reminding the public of a change in mowing operations designed to encourage the growth of pollinator species along state roadsides. 

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Saving Monarch Butterflies

(WTMJ-TV) May 17, 2018
See how the American Transmission Company is trying to help create a monarch migration corridor and you can help!

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Illinois Reduces Mowing to Spur Habitat

(Quad City Times) September 17, 2017
In a world where loss of habitat is causing a corresponding loss of life, the large amount of state- or government-controlled land along roadways, when taken together, represents a great opportunity to rebuild habitat. See how integrated vegetation management can help.

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NAPPC Presents The 2017 Pollinator Roadside Management Award

(Pollinator Partnership) September 12, 2017

The 2017 North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC) Pollinator Roadside Management Award was presented today at the National Roadside Vegetation Management Association’s annual conference in Springfield, Missouri. NAPPC is administered by the Pollinator Partnership (P2); and P2’s Director of Public Affairs, Tom Van Arsdall, was present to acknowledge the awardees.

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First Ohio Rest Area for Pollinators and People Now Open!

(Monarch Joint Venture) August 29, 2017

It’s official! The state of Ohio’s first combined travel center and pollinator garden has been opened. This pollinator garden, at the rest area on I-75 south near Bowling Green, will serve as a prototype for Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) planting projects at six other rest areas.”

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Illinois Habitat Highway: A New Partnership for Wildlife Habitat Conservation

(Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever) August 2, 2017

Pheasants Forever, Quail Forever, and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) have forged a new partnership to manage for pollinator habitat and critical wildlife corridors throughout the state.

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National Pollinator Week Kicks off new Monarch Highway Logo

(Winona Daily News) June 16, 2017

As part of the ongoing effort to raise awareness of pollinator habitat and preservation, the Monarch Highway is proud to launch its new logo during National Pollinator Week, June 18-25.

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Catch The Buzz – Resolution Designates Interstate 76 As Colorado’s First “Pollinator Highway”

(Bee Culture) May 27, 2017

Colorado became friendlier to pollinators this week by passing the “Colorado Pollinator Highway” Resolution HJR 1029. The Resolution sponsored by Representative KC Becker and Senator Jerry Sonnenberg passed both the House and Senate unanimously and designates Interstate 76 from the Nebraska state line to Arvada, Colorado.

CATCH THE BUZZ – Resolution designates Interstate 76 as Colorado’s first “Pollinator Highway”

Highways Could Help Bear and Butterflies

(Scientific American) May 19, 2017

Late last August, armed with a sweep net and identification guides, Sarah Piecuch was looking for butterflies. She trudged through waist-deep grasses, trying to keep her footing steady while tallying those she found fluttering through the sky or perched on nearby flowers.

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New Jersey Greens Its Highways With Native Plants – and Your State Can, Too

(Audubon) May 18, 2017

New Jersey may be dubbed the Garden State, but for many out-of-towners, it’s better known as a state full of asphalt and headaches, with its snarled parkways, smoggy turnpikes, and wallet-draining interstates.

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New IDOT Mowing Approach to Help Protect Monarch Butterfly, Pollinator Populations in Illinois

(Illinois Department of Transportation) May 15, 2017

To help revive the shrinking populations of the monarch butterfly and other pollinators, the Illinois Department of Transportation is adjusting its mowing routine along state highways this spring and summer…

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Energy group seeks best practices for restoring pollinator habitats

(Midwest Energy News) May 5, 2017
A growing alliance of industry groups, environmentalists and government agencies are increasingly convinced that habitat restoration in rights-of-way corridors — including for electric transmission lines — could be key to propping up the region’s decimated pollinator population…

Energy groups seek best practices for restoring pollinator habitats

A Step Back in Time: 45 Years Ago a “New” Study of Roadside Vegetation Control Was Just Kicking Off

In 1971 the Des Moines Register featured this article on a study at Cornell College (believed to be first of its kind) that looked at establishing native prairie plants along roadsides. Think how far we’ve come!

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Governor Mark Dayton Issues Executive Order to Reverse Pollinator Decline and Restore Pollinator Health in Minnesota

(State of Minnesota) August 26, 2016

Governor Mark Dayton today issued Executive Order 16-07, requiring the state to take specific actions to reverse the decline of bees and other pollinator populations…

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State Wildlife and Transportation Agencies Work Together to Save Pollinating Species

(Massachusetts Energy & Environmental Affairs) August 24, 2016

State wildlife and transportation officials gathered today at the Route 3, Exit 5 Rest Area in Plymouth to announce a $21,500 grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service…

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Fly Away! Six States and FHWA Will Collaborate to Enhance Pollinator Habitat along New Monarch Highway

(AASHTO News) May 26, 2016

Six state departments of transportation and the Federal Highway Administration signed a memorandum of agreement that will improve pollinator habitat along Interstate 35…

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Utilities Take Action on Habitat Restoration

(Electric Perspectives) April 2016

Electricity is the driving force of our modern world. It powers commerce and industry, enables critical advances in science and health care, and contributes …

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Just adding pollinators could boost small-farm yields

(Science News) January 21, 2016

Just sending more pollinators into action on small farms around the world could significantly boost crop yields, says a massive new study…

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Pollinator roadsides provision now law of the land, Pollinator Partnership

(Ohio State University) December 07, 2015

A key provision encouraging pollinator habitat along roadsides is included in the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act)” [H.R. 22]…

Pollinator Roadsides Provision Now Law of the Land, Pollinator Partnership

Saving monarch butterflies gets boost from milkweed planted in Chicago area

(Chicago Tribune) June 19, 2015

Eight-year-old Allison Penley can count on one hand the number of times she’s seen a monarch butterfly on a flower in her backyard: Two..

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Electric Power Rights of Way: A New Frontier for Conservation

(Yale Environment 360) October 16, 2014

This article looks at how Power lines may allow smaller declining vegetation and wildlife to grow alongside the power lines through low growth vegetation. With the sharp decline in pollinators this seems like a viable solution.

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