‘No Mow May’ campaign to help pollinators adds inches to Twin Cities yards


Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)

April 23, 2022

Rhoda and Leonard Bernstein have a “No Mow May” sign in a prominent place in their yard. They’re one of more than 300 Edina residents unapologetically letting their grass grow in the coming weeks.

The effort is part of an international movement to encourage homeowners to postpone cutting their grass in spring. Proponents say that leaving grass unshorn helps pollinators such as bees thrive during the crucial post-winter period, when they are coming out of hibernation.

Suspending mowing allows flowering plants that grow in the grass — such as clovers and dandelions — to bloom, which provides pollinators and their offspring with nectar and pollen. In addition, taller grass can give shelter to bees and butterflies.

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